I think we can all agree (I say we because I assume that anyone reading this is at least mostly sane) that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are batshit insane. So when members of the church arrived to protest at the premiere of his new film, Red State, at the Sundance Film Festival, Kevin Smith decided to fight them the only way they can be fighted: with signs that say things even more nonsensical than what the wackos themselves are saying.

Kevin Smith's Fake Auction for "Red State" at Sundance Reveals His Indie Rage: Now, cue the protesters: The parking lot was host to about 15 followers of Fred Phelps' Kansas-based Westside Baptist Church, who bore signs reading "No Peace for the Wicked" and "Fags Doom Nation." Fifteen minutes before the screening was to begin, they met counter-protestors in the form of Smith and his producers, toting signs that said, "I'm a Happy Jew" and "Dick Tastes Yummy."

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