It's fair to say that the problems in American education are well known. Every few months Time or Newsweek features another article about how far behind we are as a nation when it comes to education in math and the sciences. But every now and then a story comes out on the subject that is straight up embarrassing. The Associated Press's Karl Ritter brings us this another of the latter:

James White, of the University of Colorado at Boulder, told fellow researchers to use simple words and focus on the big picture when describing their research to a wider audience. Focusing too much on details could blur the basic science, he said: "If you put more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it will get warmer."

Prominent U.S. climate scientist Robert Corell said researchers must try to reach out to all parts of society to spread awareness of the global implications of the Arctic melt.

"Stop speaking in code. Rather than 'anthropogenic,' you could say 'human caused,'" Corell said.

Now, it might just be me, but the fact that someone has to come out and say "use smaller words" seems pathetic. While I agree with the idea behind those words - people really do need to understand the significance of climate change - it's really a shame that the solution isn't "let's have a media blitz, get this into all of the papers and local television stations" but instead "dumb it down, these people won't understand you otherwise!"


I'm thinking we need to start handing out dictionaries like they hand out phone books...


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