Why I Stopped Blogging - And Why I'm Back - sudo exec
If you're one of the few people who came on this site when I first created it, you'll notice that there was a sudden stop in posting around the middle of February. Why did I appear to suddenly give up? Mainly because I did. The process of blogging is daunting - especially when you see that there are only 50 people looking at your site on a given day. The effort seems to be futile. What is comes down to, as Phillip Bowden points out, is fear:

"I love to write, and most days I just do it for myself, but there have been so many times recently where I wished I would’ve published something that I let linger in this sort of perfectionist purgatory that is my drafts folder.I get scared that it’s not good enough, that people will scoff at it, that no one will give a shit."

This is what I felt in February. I felt that what I was doing simply wasn't good enough. And that led to me quitting for a time. But I've decided that if I'm going to do something, I must commit. So I'm back. I hope that from now on, you'll be seeing more frequent posts from me on more interesting subjects. These are interesting times, and there are things happening that the media simply isn't covering as they should be - the absurd Paul Ryan budget plan, the fact that our government has settled on a consensus that we need to be cutting deficits right now, and the fact that there is a serious movement to make ban the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. If the real media won't tell it how it is, then I'm going to do the best I can to do so. So here's hoping someone will be around to read what I say. 

I think another quote from Phillip is a great way to end this post: 

"I love doing this, but I’m tired of being scared of putting it in front of people. I intend to fix that. To hell with being scared."

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