From CNBC, Donald Trump has made a few more bizarre statements on his obvious move towards running for President. First, he blames the price of oil on President Obama:

"Real estate developer Donald Trump blames President Obama for the rising price of oil, warning, "this country can never, ever recover" if oil prices continue to go up.

"That's really the life's blood of the country," Trump told CNBC in a phone interview on Monday. The Trump Organization chairman, who says he's considering running for president, plans to decide "before June" on the matter.

He contended that Obama is not a leader and is "in bed with these (OPEC) people. He doesn't speak the way you have to speak to them.""

Now, I know his area of expertise is real estate development, but surely the man has some training in economics. Now, it might just be me on this one, but there appear to be at least three things that seem more likely to raise oil prices: speculators, Libya, and demand from developing nations, specifically India and China. I could see how arguments could have been made that the stimulus package would bring up the price of oil (because it would increase domestic aggregate demand) or that QE2 was doing it, but the stimulus has essentially run its course and there is no evidence that the Fed's actions have raised inflation expectations. So as far as I'm concerned, Trump's comments make no sense. Now, on to his next statement:

"Although he blames China for "ripping off our country," Trump gives them credit for using US funds to rebuild airports, bridges and other infrastructure.

"When was the last time you saw a bridge being built in the United States? You see them falling down all the time. When was the last time you saw an airport being built? We're like a third-world country.""

I have to wonder, does Trump know what he's suggesting here? He talks about Obama spending us into a hole that we can't climb out of, then argues that we should follow China's lead in infrastructure spending financed by debt. While I certainly agree with this, I really doubt that these are the kinds of policies he would push for. Maybe, if he keeps this up, we can start talking about jobs again...

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